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The Ink Shop in Waverley, Pretoria specializes in offering various makes of Ink for all kinds of printers. We sell new printer cartridges as well as new printer toner cartridges and Photostat machine cartridges (copiers), we also replace professional, guaranteed toner refills both for laser printers and Photostat machines (copiers), our products are totally guaranteed. We supply Toners for Laser printers and copiers as well.


Needing Printer Cartridges Ink refills Pretoria? Come to us for all Printer Ink refills and printer cartridges refills.

The Ink-Shop also does printer repairs on all kinds of printers. 
Please call us today or visit our shop at the Total garage in Codonia Street for quick, professional guaranteed service.

Your total satisfaction is our priority....


We Courier new printer Cartridges and new Toners to customers all over South Africa. So wherever you are…we can help you quickly at affordable rates!

Alida Human


012 572 4623

071 0153755


Email: reon@theinkshop.org 


Castlewalk Centre

Tel 012 7578629

Cnr Nossob str  & Lois ave


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The Ink Shop - for your Printer Cartridges Pretoria, Printer ink refills Pretoria, new Toners, Toner refills Pretoria and all Printer repairs Pretoria

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Contact: 071 015 3755 | Email: alida@theinkshop.org 

The Ink Shop in Waverley Pretoria for all Printer ink refills Pretoria, Toner refills Pretoria, Printer Ink refills Pretoria, Printer Cartridges Pretoria, printer ink refills and all printer repairs Pretoria.  Our products and repairs are fully guaranteed!

For Quality Guaranteed printer cartridges Pretoria, new toners Pretoria, toner cartridges, toner cartridge refills, printer repairs for all makes of printers, printer ink refills Pretoria, toner refills Pretoria and broken printers - Call us today or visit our shop in Waverley, Pretoria.